Sound card not recognized

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Fri Mar 27 22:48:28 GMT 2009

Here's a puzzle. 
My jaunty ubuntu studio needed to be re-installed today, and I did so using a 2-week-old installation disk. 
There were lots of updates. 
When I finished, I needed to set the system up to use wine and my Creative X-fi card, so I did the following:

apt-get purge pulseaudio (wine does not work with pulseaudio)

Then I compiled and installed a new alsa-driver that supports my Creative X-fi soundcard.

I re-booted. 

asoundconf list gave me:

Generic (this supports my X-fi card)

So I set-default-card Generic. 
And that worked to set the default. 

But neither wine nor Audacity sees my Generic (Creative X-fi) soundcard. All they see is Intel. 

Going through System / Admin / Sound Preference gives me the correct mixer option but not the correct playback option. 

What's up? What have I done differently this time? Why doesn't my X-fi work?


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