Getting M-Audio Delta 66 working

DennisMail at DennisMail at
Thu Mar 12 19:08:57 GMT 2009

> Can you check in Envy24 to see if your monitor inputs are unmuted?

They seem to be unmunted: They are light grey, not dark grey. But this leads us to another point: Should I see any level moving here? I don't think so, because on the "monitor inputs" I can control the 4 hardware inputs of the break out box plus the 2 spdif inputs, as far as I see. Or am I wrong?

Anyway, for today, I think I should switch my PC off, because I'm really getting desperate. I was thinking about what can be done about this and I just wanted to propose that if any of you would like to check this on my PC, I would be willing to give ssh access to it.


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