Installing 64 bit Ubuntu Studio

Nick Stevens nick.peckham at
Sun Jun 28 12:25:56 BST 2009

I want to install Ubuntu Studio 64 onto my big PC, as a boot option.

But I must admit to being very nervous indeed about the whole process, in
case I end up with some of the current options broken, and then having to
try and reinstall everything! I realise that this is very rare these days,
but that will not be much consolation if it happens to me!

I want the 64 bit version because I have 12 Gb of memory, and I like to work
on very complex 3d graphics, which is extremely memory hungry.

My current setup is dual boot between Windows XP 64, (which I currently use
most), and 64 bit Vista, (which I use rarely).

Looking at what happens when the system starts up, it first of all goes into
the Asus Express Gate, then does a normal boot, offering me a choice of XP
or Vista via what appears to be called "Windows Boot Manager".

Does the 64 bit install know about this boot manager, and can it integrate
the new boot option with it successfully?

All help very gratefully received,

Nick -
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