problems with sound card

john xagoraris johnxag at
Sat Jun 20 20:40:40 BST 2009

Hi there
I recently have ubuntu studio 9.04 on my Pc which is Pentium 4 with 1 Mb RAM
and decided to use the TERRATEC EWS 88 MT sound system card .. and I really
got myself a lot of problems.... I want to get rid of the old (onboard card)
which still does work on some things (audacity) but the pro sound card only
plays AVI, Mp3 and Ogg files. Wav files are choppy with some pulse and also,
video in youtube has no sound at all, Mpeg files work on fast forward, WMW
files are not supported at all and flac are not having sutable codec.. I
have been googling it several times, found some people that have it
installed but I dont how i could get mine so... i must be doing something
wrong from the begining (ubuntu studio instalation).  Could you please
instruct me to get this good card going... If anyone of you ever know about
how to get the jack control setup or what to do from the very begining
starting from scrach...(BIOS)..please...I m really desperate...
sincerely yours

John G. Xagoraris Cartoons & Comics
Thespidos 4 - 84100 - Syros - Greece
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