Korg Radias: mdia via USB?

Thomas Fisher thomasfisher at ak.net
Tue Jun 16 04:55:50 BST 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 07:06:51 pm Christian Convey wrote:
> > Does anyone know if/how I can get my Radias to have a MIDI connection
> > to my Ubuntu Studio 9.04 computer, over USB?
> >
> > I'm very new to connecting a MIDI keyboard to a PC.  I just bought a
> > Korg Radias, and it has a USB connector.  The Radias software for
> > Windows has a USB-MIDI driver.  It works fine on Windows, but I have
> > no idea how to tell if Ubuntu Studio's software can see the keyboard
> > via MIDI.  Any suggestions?
> >
> > I don't have a separate USB-MIDI conversion box, so at the moment the
> > Radia's USB port is my only hope of connecting the keyboard to my PC.
> Okay, after plugging the Radias into a different USB port on my PC,
> and after reopening the JACK Patchbay, I do see some connectors for my
> Radias.  In both the "Input Sockets / Plugs" and in the "Output
> Sockets / Plugs", I see a "RADIAS" entry.  And under the RADIAS entry
> in each of those two lists are two entries: "RADIAS MIDI 1" and
> I was thinking to try connecting one or both of the RADIAS-related
> Input sockets to a virtual synth, so prove to myself that the Radias
> keyboard's MIDI events can be routed to a JACK program.  But when I
> launched various soft synths that came with Ubuntu Studio: QSynth and
> ZynAddSubFX, they never showed up in the JACK MIDI Patchbay, so it
> wasn't clear how to connect my Radia's keyboard events to any
> softsynth (or sequencer, for that matter.)
> Any suggestions for how I can demonstrate that the Radias keyboard can
> drive some piece of software in Ubuntu Studio?
> Much appreciated,
> Christian
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