Korg Radias: mdia via USB?

Christian Convey christian.convey at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 04:06:51 BST 2009

> Does anyone know if/how I can get my Radias to have a MIDI connection
> to my Ubuntu Studio 9.04 computer, over USB?
> I'm very new to connecting a MIDI keyboard to a PC.  I just bought a
> Korg Radias, and it has a USB connector.  The Radias software for
> Windows has a USB-MIDI driver.  It works fine on Windows, but I have
> no idea how to tell if Ubuntu Studio's software can see the keyboard
> via MIDI.  Any suggestions?
> I don't have a separate USB-MIDI conversion box, so at the moment the
> Radia's USB port is my only hope of connecting the keyboard to my PC.

Okay, after plugging the Radias into a different USB port on my PC,
and after reopening the JACK Patchbay, I do see some connectors for my
Radias.  In both the "Input Sockets / Plugs" and in the "Output
Sockets / Plugs", I see a "RADIAS" entry.  And under the RADIAS entry
in each of those two lists are two entries: "RADIAS MIDI 1" and

I was thinking to try connecting one or both of the RADIAS-related
Input sockets to a virtual synth, so prove to myself that the Radias
keyboard's MIDI events can be routed to a JACK program.  But when I
launched various soft synths that came with Ubuntu Studio: QSynth and
ZynAddSubFX, they never showed up in the JACK MIDI Patchbay, so it
wasn't clear how to connect my Radia's keyboard events to any
softsynth (or sequencer, for that matter.)

Any suggestions for how I can demonstrate that the Radias keyboard can
drive some piece of software in Ubuntu Studio?

Much appreciated,

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