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> On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Thomas Fisher <thomasfisher at>wrote:
>> As for Ubuntu Studio 9.04 and the RT kernel the future may be problematic
>> in
>> that it appears the maintainers have abandoned the project. If anyone will
>> pick it up is yet to be seen. For myself, I have been running 8.04 but
>> have
>> had little need for the dynamic RT, and am in the process of moving over
>> to
>> Fedora 10 and CCRMA.
> Abandoned the project?  What on earth makes you think this?  Please don't
> spread lies like this about open source projects, it hurts the community and
> discourages others from involvement.  Thanks.
> -Eric Hedekar
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I've been using a laptop as a 'portable' recorder for sometime now, using a
Firepod as the interface(with Hardy).  If you're looking for suggestions for
a portable, single-unit device, my main advice is to NOT get one.  Use a
laptop, or even a desktop, combined with some kind of audio interface, and
just haul it around with you.  Stand alone portable hard-disk recorders are
a relic of the nineties and should be left in that decade.

-Brian David
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