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Mac McIlvaine suemac at
Tue Jul 28 13:06:22 BST 2009

At Monday, 27 July 2009, Gustin wrote:
>My experiences lead me to disagree with you both with respect to GPU
>choice.  nVidia is the last choice for graphics IMO.  Intel graphics 
>wireless drivers are open source and the required kernel modules are
>built into the default kernel and X.  No need to mess around with the
>restricted drivers or manually installing the nVidia driver.
>Also, the nVidia binary driver has misbehaved under RT kernels.

I have had similar experiences.

>I also have a serious hate on for firewire, so I will never buy a
>firewire device (I have lots of reasons for this, but that is a
>discussion for another time).  I will say that I would be careful about
>investing in firewire, since I have seen a couple of laptops recently
>that did not have a firewire port.

Just for another view on firewire:

I have just recorded 6 performances with 22 channels input on firewire.
Worked fine.

That said, firewire with anything but the TI chipset seems hopeless.


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