Where is the music made in Linux?

Viktor Mastoridis viktor at mastoridis.co.uk
Mon Jul 27 23:08:39 BST 2009


I tried to install the mp3 player watching the video link provided - works
perfect. the best part is, users only need to attach a song to their node
and the player appears automagically. Thus they could have the option to
attach a song, if they want to give it for free.

As for the domain, just tell me where to point it, and I will do so (name
and mail servers).

Also, I was thinking of implementing a kind of gig calendar. so active
musicians could post their gigs. Have a look at
http://drupal.org/project/calendar sounds proising. Haven't tried it, but
watched the video as well.

I can't actually spend much time on this today
Of course, time was my biggest fear. On one side, what if no one joins? On
the other, what if too many people join? But uniting the efforts is such a
great relief.

So, as you a web-designer (am I right?), I let you lead and will help
whatever I can (I am a musician).

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