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Mike Berry stringhandler at
Mon Jul 27 15:42:54 BST 2009

> Hiya everyone! 

> I'm thinkin' on buying a new laptop. It'll be only for UbuntuStudio. I want 
> to ask you which specs I've to take special atention to. I want an all-life 
> laptop: not a heavy laptop (19-inches-screen) neither a notebook. I'm 
> looking for a 14-15 inches. But the other thinks I don't know what are the 
> best choice. I will use it a lot for music and video suite. Which specs are 
> the more importants? Which computer brands do you recommedn me? Lenovo 
> computers will fit me? 

> Can you help me? 
> Thank you all! 
> *Carles Mayol i Ricart* 

Don't go with Lenovo, or anything with a built in Intel Graphics card because the drivers are hard to find. I tried to get UbuntuStudio on my Lenovo R61 and it was a Fail Whale. I still haven't found graphics or wireless drivers. The sound is terrible. I'm going to try get a new laptop with an Nvidia card in it. 

My 2c. 

Mike the Tike 

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