Which ubustu-configuration makes you happy at present?

Izaak Branderhorst izaak at typeleft.com
Sun Jul 19 02:27:10 BST 2009

i have a similar setup, but with a TI expresscard firewire interface.  i had
heard that TI worked better than my Thinkpad T61's Ricoh chipset, so i
ordered one specifically.  i also have an FA-101.

as i mentioned in the previous post on this list, i've been able to tune
64-bit jaunty to run quite stably with low latency.  i'll outline that
experience in more detail below.  unfortunately i decided to try 32-bit for
various reasons with the same environment jack crashes every few minutes.
the kernel from ubuntu studio dev ppa solves that but introduces an annoying
keyboard bug.

fyi trying jackdmp always resulted in decreased stability for me.

under the following environment i was able to get my FA-101 running with 128
buffers and 3 periods (8.7ms latency), no xruns and no crashes:

  * 64-bit jaunty
  * jaunty -rt kernel
  * jaunty jackd 0.116.1
  * custom-built ffado 2.0 rc2 - didn't actually experiment much with rc1.
if you'd like i can upload my rc2 debs to a ppa.
  * blacklisted wifi drivers
  * disabled CPU scaling (use performance scaling_governor), slighly
underclocked CPU, and fan at max
  * configured rtirq to give only rtc and firewire interrupts real-time
priority, SCHED_OTHER for everything else
  * /etc/udev/rules.d/99-raw1394.rules: KERNEL=="raw1394", GROUP="disk"
  * tweak /etc/security/limits.conf as described in ubuntu studio
  * add your user to disk and audio groups
  * run jack with real-time priority 50 (anything > 0 is probably fine)
  * also used x-updates PPA for newer intel graphics drivers, not sure this
was consequential at all.
  * disabled apparmour, pulseaudio

my /etc/default/rtirq (this really made a big difference!)
RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="rtc ohci1394 snd"
RTIRQ_HIGH_LIST="softirq-timer softirq-hrtimer softirq-tasklet"

my /etc/modules

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 8:49 PM, Gerhard Lang <lang.gerhard at gmail.com>wrote:

> -ubuntu version, 32 or 64bit, rt-kernel, ffado/jack versions,
> wine/wineasio versions...?
> In the last weeks I was impatiently testing front-ends - karmic 64bit,
>, self-compiled 2.6.29....rt's, ffado from svn, jack 1.9.3
> from svn, wine asio 64bit from svn.  Sometimes got nice performance, but
> allways very unstable, lots of crashes, freezings, only randomly
> success. Wasn't able to figure out reproducable circumstances, in google
> I found a disorder of contributions from 2002 to 2008, so I lost track
> and disconsolately didn't report bugs.
> My hardware: Nexoc/Clevo-Notebook Intel-Core-Duo-T5750 at 2Ghz 4GRAM with
> all standard Intel-board/chips exc. onboard VIA vt6306 Fire2 IEEE 1394
> controller. EmuX2x2midi-usb. Edirol-FA101.
> Now I have to do straight audio production and some live-performance.  I
> want to demonstrate efficient linux-audio without tinkering around
> onstage. Besides a reliable basic ffado/jack installation I need a full
> performant wine/vst-host-gui, in which I can edit all parameters on the
> fly. Must not be reaper, which becomes fat and eats too much resources.
> For the rest I am contented with genuine linux ardour, hydrogen,
> rakarrack etc...
> I'll have to downgrade i.e. reinstall former version. I'm no coder but
> group, priority, raw1394, rights , dev, udev, security management issues
> are under control.
> Any experience-based recommendation will be appreciated
> Gerhard
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