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> wayne wrote:

> >>
> >> I can confirm the exact same behavior, on the exact same set-up.
> >> Sadly, I've not been able to find any solutions for it, either.
> > thanks for the reply. hopefully someone has an answer....
> >>
> A newer kernel is probably all that you need.
> >> I can say that the problem does not exist on Jaunty with a first
> >> generation MacBook, which is good. However, the performance of the RT
> >> kernel in Jaunty on my set-up was poor, and so I went back to good ol'

> Jaunty, like 8.10 was fine in and of itself, you just had to go outside
> of Ubuntu for your kernel (in this case I usually build my own).

> i have been saving some emails on this list that talk about compiling a  
> custom kernel, but 1) i have never done that 2) i am not sure if that is  
> something i can do for 8.04 Hardy, or if it only works for newer  
> releases? do i have to upgrade to 9.04 to build a new kernel with the  
> latest kernel sources?

I'm fairly sure you can compile a custom kernel on any version of Linux you  

Like you, however, I have never done this, and am not comfortable doing  
this. It is something I plan on learning though, since it sounds like it is  
the best way to get the most out of any Linux system.
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