Pulse ?

sandie sandie at sandgreen.dk
Mon Jan 26 20:42:37 GMT 2009

Hartmut Noack wrote:
> Ubuntu should have jackd-support for pulse and xinelib to be installed
> point and klick !!!
Jackd-support for pulse is only part of the problem, I have also had 
problems with wine/wineasio in a pulse enviroment. It might be a wine 
issue, but since it works with Alsa, that is what I use.

I can understand the reason not to make a non-pulse Ubustu dist, at 
least from a developers point of view, but as a mucissian who just want 
to make music, I need a stable working enviroment, and untill wine and 
jackd can "speak pulse", I defenitly think that the need for a simple 
script/program that can make the switch from pulse to Alsa (and back again).

Some time ago I made a wineasio-script and placed it on my website : 
This month alone, it have been downloaded 726 times, so I know theres a 
need for simple solutions for those who doesnt want to copy paste 20 
lines of code one by one and fiddle with system preferences when they 
install a new system.
As my site also mentions "I am a musissian, NOT a programmer", so thou I 
might be able to make a bash-script and host it, I'm not sure that my 
way of doing it is the best way.
Someone resently told me that these simple three lines is enough :

% sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio
% asoundconf list (Names of available sound cards: M2496)
% asoundconf set-default-card M2496

Is that realy all ?
What about system sounds ?

Any input would be welcome, and please remember that I didnt start this 
thread to start a Pulse-Alsa war, I just want to make my life easy when 
I reinstall, and maybe help a fellow non-geek musissian.
Pulse might be the future for Linux audio, but I cant wait till then :-)


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