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Sun Jan 25 23:25:57 GMT 2009

On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de> wrote:
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> Eric Hedekar schrieb:
>> On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 12:32 PM, alex stone <compose59 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Why can't we make pulse optional in UBStudio?
>>> I understand UBS as an audio specific distro that focuses on
>>> audio/multimedia production. We use RT, Jack, etc, knowing precisely what
>>> UBS is designed for.
>>> Alex.
>> Next, I think it's good to point out in this argument, that UBStudio is NOT
>> an audio specific distribution - it's a multimedia specific distribution.
>> Audio users may make up a large portion of the user base,  but they're not
>> the only cats in town.  Graphics and Video people benefit greatly from
>> Pulse.
> Everything, I repeat: everything Video/Graphics people can possibly want
> from a Linux Distro, is in the standard (K)(X)UBUNTU. It would be
> marketing at best to provide a whatsoever "special" distro for people,
> that only want to cut some movies and design graphics.
> The one and only relevant reason for a special distro like UBS, CCRMA or
>  JAD is in fact the RT-capability including am optimized Kernel and a
> proper automagic to configure the system to work with it (limits.conf,
> timer resolution and firewire-setup).
> If the latter is not a must-have, UBS would be nothing but a theme(many
> people dislike) and a set of preinstalled apps (everybody can install
> with a few clicks in synaptic).
>> Graphics and Video people benefit greatly from
>> Pulse.
> If this is so (I doubt it is...) may it be: there are a lot of UBS-users
> like me, that prefer XFCE or KDE, Fluxbox etc. instead of GNOME and we
> all still accept, that GNOME is the standard-desktop for UBS. We simply
> install whatever DE we like and use the apps and have the benefit of the
> RT-optimisation as well.
> But pulse interferes with audio and so it should be removed from UBS, it
> would be OK with me, if it is installed but I would like to have a
> simple way to get rid of it. Ubuntu Studio Control should have a switch
> for that: disable pulseaudio, click, done....
> The situation could be different if only the available jackd-plugin for
> pulse would be installable, the same situation for xinelib.
> There is NO sane reason not to have these plugins in universe and there
> is absolutely not the slightest reason not to install these plugins with
> UBS.
> Cory has pointed out later on in this thread, that the core-devs do not
> want  the jackd-plugin in pulse, because jackd is not in main - they
> don't want to cope with that, because they do not care for audio-users,
> I'd say. The UBS-team should not accept such politics lightly...
> Anyway I have a Suse11.1 up and running now and thanks to jengelh with
> the best RT-support I have seen since 64Studio 2.0. I run jackd all the
> time with 8ms latency, no xruns on a machine on which the recent UBS
> does not run jackd with less then 40ms.
> And yes: of course you can install pulse and xinelib with proper
> jackd-support with a few mouseclicks in Suse.
> So I will see, how 9.04 improves the situation...
> best regs
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A more effective color management system would be needed prior to
making the claim that EVERYTHING needed for graphics was present.

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