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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sun Jan 25 23:13:35 GMT 2009

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Eric Hedekar schrieb:
> On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 12:32 PM, alex stone <compose59 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Why can't we make pulse optional in UBStudio?
>> I understand UBS as an audio specific distro that focuses on
>> audio/multimedia production. We use RT, Jack, etc, knowing precisely what
>> UBS is designed for.

>> Alex.

> Next, I think it's good to point out in this argument, that UBStudio is NOT
> an audio specific distribution - it's a multimedia specific distribution.
> Audio users may make up a large portion of the user base,  but they're not
> the only cats in town.  Graphics and Video people benefit greatly from
> Pulse.

Everything, I repeat: everything Video/Graphics people can possibly want
from a Linux Distro, is in the standard (K)(X)UBUNTU. It would be
marketing at best to provide a whatsoever "special" distro for people,
that only want to cut some movies and design graphics.
The one and only relevant reason for a special distro like UBS, CCRMA or
 JAD is in fact the RT-capability including am optimized Kernel and a
proper automagic to configure the system to work with it (limits.conf,
timer resolution and firewire-setup).
If the latter is not a must-have, UBS would be nothing but a theme(many
people dislike) and a set of preinstalled apps (everybody can install
with a few clicks in synaptic).

> Graphics and Video people benefit greatly from
> Pulse.

If this is so (I doubt it is...) may it be: there are a lot of UBS-users
like me, that prefer XFCE or KDE, Fluxbox etc. instead of GNOME and we
all still accept, that GNOME is the standard-desktop for UBS. We simply
install whatever DE we like and use the apps and have the benefit of the
RT-optimisation as well.
But pulse interferes with audio and so it should be removed from UBS, it
would be OK with me, if it is installed but I would like to have a
simple way to get rid of it. Ubuntu Studio Control should have a switch
for that: disable pulseaudio, click, done....

The situation could be different if only the available jackd-plugin for
pulse would be installable, the same situation for xinelib.

There is NO sane reason not to have these plugins in universe and there
is absolutely not the slightest reason not to install these plugins with
Cory has pointed out later on in this thread, that the core-devs do not
want  the jackd-plugin in pulse, because jackd is not in main - they
don't want to cope with that, because they do not care for audio-users,
I'd say. The UBS-team should not accept such politics lightly...

Anyway I have a Suse11.1 up and running now and thanks to jengelh with
the best RT-support I have seen since 64Studio 2.0. I run jackd all the
time with 8ms latency, no xruns on a machine on which the recent UBS
does not run jackd with less then 40ms.
And yes: of course you can install pulse and xinelib with proper
jackd-support with a few mouseclicks in Suse.
So I will see, how 9.04 improves the situation...

best regs
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