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Marcus Roos wrote:
> Hi! My Name is Marcus (from Sweden) and I'm one of the newest here on
> the list.
> I have been using Cubase on Windows for 10 ears. I installed Ubuntu
> on my laptop some months ago... and I really liked it. Now I want to
> try  make some music. Maybe using Ardour or similar program.
A very good start:
You may wish to check out the rest of Dave's articles at the Linux
Journal site.

> But I'm totally trapped in the "Windows way of thinking" :( I have no
> idea that all how to configure Jack for example. Is  there any simple
> guides out on the net that tells a novice how to start? Or... is
> there any person from Sweden or Scandinavia in this list that want to
> help me?
The Rosegarden book, though a little dated is still a good start.  I
mostly use Ardour but some of the basic principles are the same.

It is probably worth checking out the Ardour documentation as well as
the jack documentation.

There is a lot of info over at as well.

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