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Mon Jan 19 23:59:05 GMT 2009

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 11:53 PM, Marcus Roos
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> Hi!
> My Name is Marcus (from Sweden) and I'm one of the newest here on the list.
> I have been using Cubase on Windows for 10 ears.
> I installed Ubuntu on my laptop some months ago... and I really liked it.
> Now I want to try  make some music. Maybe using Ardour or similar program.
> But I'm totally trapped in the "Windows way of thinking"
> I have no idea that all how to configure Jack for example.
> Is there any simple guides out on the net that tells a novice how to start?
> Or... is there any person from Sweden or Scandinavia in this list that want
> to help me?
Have you tried "jack control" (qjackctl)? It's in the regular Ubuntu
repositories, and installed by default if you've used an Ubuntu Studio
image to install your OS. With jack control, setting up jack is
actually pretty straight forward. If you still need more info, take a
look at jack's official page (, or simply google howtos.
In any event, make sure you're on a realtime kernel.

Good luck.

All the best from a fellow ukulele player, also in Sweden ;-)

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