Help - I cannot see other Ubuntu computers on my network from Intrepid

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Fri Jan 16 01:26:33 GMT 2009

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aYo Binitie wrote:
> Oh I had already done that before I posted the Help request. Thats the
> only was Samba works for me so I've resigned myself to that. Foe some
> strange reason to day was the first time I tried to access a folder on
> another machine I have running Hardy. smb:// which is the
> machines IP on the Network draws a blank. However I can see the
> Intrepids machine's files from the Hardy machine with out any problems
> at all. I have seen a few posts on Google about Intrepid machines not
> seeing other Ubuntu machines but there does not seem to be a solution.
> I see my Windows machines fine.
I use CIFS for all of my samba mounts, and it seems to work fine.  I
also have a mix of Hardy and Intrepid.

What happens when you try:
sudo mount -t cifs //<ip of server/<share name> /<mount point> -o
username=<samba user>,password=<samba password>

This is an example from my /etc/fstab.  I have the noauto set since this
my laptop and it is not always connected to my home LAN.   Also note
that I have DNS working internally, you may need to use an IP instead of
the hostname.

//midwinter/files       /opt/midwinter  cifs
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