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Not sure this is the right forum, but here goes:

Since I need(want) features (namely alsa_in/out) in Jack 116 and Ubuntu
Studio comes with 109 I need to build the latest.

The following is from the FAQ at with my questions mixed

    * 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6 series kernel with tmpfs turned on (CONFIG_TMPFS)}

Ok, so I have 2.4 from the Ubuntu Studio

{    * Shared memory file system mounted on /dev/shm. add the following to
/etc/fstab to get it mounted at boot:

      	shmfs       /dev/shm     shm    defaults        0       0

            (Note: you may have to make the /dev/shm directory)

Ok, so /dev/shm exists, but is mounted as devshm already. Adding the above
and rebooting shows no errors in any log that I found, but only devshm
shows up when I "mount -l"

{Once you have the correct shmfs support, you should be able to build jack
with the following sequence of commands:

sh ./
make install

Obviously these get typed in a terminal session. But:

* as root?
* what directory should I be in?
* where do I extract the tar ball that has the source?

Haven't done anything like this in a UNIX like system since the late
1980' the gray cells are a bit rusty.;)


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