building 2.6.24 in an intrepid environment

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To all:
I can COMPLETELY appreciate all the good points made, and they do have merit. Still, for the time being, there are just some things that make my life easier in Windows. For example - I use Reaper, and I struggled to get it to work in UStudio. Then, when I finally did, the upgrade to 8.10 knocked out the RT kernel AND for some reason caused my wireless to fail. A clean reinstall of UStudio would not get my wireless going... but a clean install of regular Ubuntu did.  I thought it was something I did, then I got to reading...
I use Ubuntu for everything except audio right now, where I use Windows with Reaper and Celemony's Melodyne. If someone wants to email me when I can EASILY get those things going in UStudio, I'm game to try it.
I have made many switches, though - as a side note... to Open office and Inkscape... been trying the various other things like Amarok and such... tried Scribus and found it difficult to learn and couldn't even cut-and-paste well into text boxes...
I so much WANT to get to an all-Linux place, but it is still hard... that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
All help and helpers welcome.
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I do not understand exactly what anchors you to Windows, but you can use other software instead of Ardour (e.g. Audacity for sound editing).

Canonical releases a new version of Ubuntu every six months. As each new version, it is normal that the new version has fewer bugs than the previous one (e.g. Windows 2008 has fewer bugs than Windows Vista).

In my opinion, I do not recommend you to compile. It is better to use Synaptic.

In my experience (I have changed the operating system of 3 PC from Windows XP to 100% Ubuntu 8.04/8.10), my biggest problem was "think Linux" instead of "think Windows" to solve a problem. I mean: in Windows you have one o few ways to do something; in Linux you have many ways and --in some cases-- you can mix them. Also, the security and the file managing is very different. That can make someone feel lost.

My suggestion: begin with some software in your machine in Windows. When you are comfortable with this software, switch to the same software in Linux. The software that I recommend (again, the best solution depend on each one, there is not ONE best solution) is:
* OpenOffice (office productivity suite: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.).
* FireFox (Internet navigator).
* ThunderBird (mail).
* VLC (multimedia player, encoder, and streamer)
* Audacity (digital audio editor)
* TuxGuitar (a score writer and midi sequencer)

A personal comment: I feel Ubuntu less buggiest than Windows (XP, Vista) and with better performance (e.g. a Dell Inspiron 2200-Pentium M with Ubunto 8.04 runs faster than a Dell Latitude D420-Centrino Duo with Windows XP; a Dell Inspiron 1420 with Ubunto 8.10 faster than a Dell Inspiron 1420 with Windows Vista).

I hope that helps you to be able to make the switch.


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To all:

Don't know who reads this, and I KNOW that everyone always is trying to
do their best... but this kind of stuff is keeping me anchored to
Windows as well...

I'm a music teacher who does some light audio editing and midi stuff,
and I just found linux... I would LOVE to be able to make the switch,
but bugginess... I just don't have time to invest in compiling, etc.


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>  What's in Intrepid that's NOT in Hardy? (or 'Studio')

A much less buggy version of Ardour and several other packages for one,
well as several updated Audio drivers that work w/ my hardware .

>  Since Studio is built on a LTS package (8.04), that's
> enough support for the next few years. Plus it has RealTime.

I'm not really into compiling all of my apps from the ground up. To be
productive w/ Ubuntu Studio, I just need Intrepid to have a working -rt
kernel package as opposed to attempting to back-port / compile a bunch
stuff from Intrepid into Hardy.

I've been keeping my eye on the lists and various launchpad links for a
while, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of progress.

>  If RT is that important to you, consider using it.

RT is critical to my applications. It is the only way to actually get
free audio recording. I could use Hardy, but it has older versions of
applications that I use, and I would have to re-compile new ones.

In any case, I'll just wait until it gets sorted out and keep using
Producer 8 until then.

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