building 2.6.24 in an intrepid environment

Brody McDonald brody.mcdonald at
Sun Jan 4 17:51:37 GMT 2009

To all:

Don't know who reads this, and I KNOW that everyone always is trying to
do their best... but this kind of stuff is keeping me anchored to
Windows as well...

I'm a music teacher who does some light audio editing and midi stuff,
and I just found linux... I would LOVE to be able to make the switch,
but bugginess... I just don't have time to invest in compiling, etc.


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>  What's in Intrepid that's NOT in Hardy? (or 'Studio')

A much less buggy version of Ardour and several other packages for one,
well as several updated Audio drivers that work w/ my hardware .

>  Since Studio is built on a LTS package (8.04), that's
> enough support for the next few years. Plus it has RealTime.

I'm not really into compiling all of my apps from the ground up. To be
productive w/ Ubuntu Studio, I just need Intrepid to have a working -rt
kernel package as opposed to attempting to back-port / compile a bunch
stuff from Intrepid into Hardy.

I've been keeping my eye on the lists and various launchpad links for a
while, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of progress.

>  If RT is that important to you, consider using it.

RT is critical to my applications. It is the only way to actually get
free audio recording. I could use Hardy, but it has older versions of
applications that I use, and I would have to re-compile new ones.

In any case, I'll just wait until it gets sorted out and keep using
Producer 8 until then.

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