[Fwd: Re: Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.10 to Ubuntu Studio 8.10]

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Feb 16 02:05:24 GMT 2009

Henry W. Peters wrote:
> I have one rather foolish sounding question:  When one minimizes a
> window... where does it go to? Since there is a top frame to the desktop
> window, no bottom, where I am used to such windows going (to). For

It is running in the backgorund.  ALT-TAB will get you back to that
application if you have hidden the "Task List".

I usually add the task list to the top bar and do away with bottom bar

> instance, I have 'RealPlayer 11' installed, & when I minimize it, it
> disappears, but  it continues playing... I click on the launcher icon,
> which I have put on the top frame ('Add to Panel'), the player hiccups,
> & continues playing, but the player it self does not show (this is but
> one example).
It is because the app is still running in its minimized form.

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