Hi y'all

Jack McCaw jmccaw2 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 15 09:55:38 GMT 2009

Hi all,

 Just a quick note to say Hi.

I have bought a new Intel based box. Didn't want windows - thought I'd go into Linux, give it a whirl. Been years since my last exposure.

Installed Ubuntu studio clean, done easily, happy with that. Auto-detection, no config files to play with etc. 

I went with an audio focussed install - and within minutes I had a nice, fast desktop. 

Audacity worked off the bat - massive number of plugins - just fantastic. "Ok, this is looking promising." I thought

Ardour took me more time - JACK was a learning curve for me. (Need to put some better documentation together for that whole concept etc.) 

Hydrogen - I'm in love with it. 

Tying it all together - WOW!

Struggle? Yes, I did. Learning - hell yes.
Enjoy? Yes. Troubles? I broke it, at least three times. (Set up a new user account, and started over each time.) 

Got that annoying delay/lag in the audio, got the stutter thing happening, then fixed that, discovered low latency kernel, xruns and argued with JACK. 

I surfed the web, played, broke it again. Started over, played some more. I got really into this - discovering the eyecandy for the desktop, etc. lots of other things. Then I managed to break THAT!

You should know that out of the box, I could have used it for what I wanted to use it for. Basic audio production for a community radio station. However, I wanted to do more. Ubuntu Studio let me. Made me. Forced me to do more.

I now dual boot between ubuntustudio and Mandriva. Ardour also runs under Mandriva really easily... Actually less configuration than Ubuntustudio, but I prefer the version of Audacity in Ubuntu studio.

To sum up, man, I like this. I am spoilt for choice  :-)

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