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sandie wrote:
> Luke Yelavich wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 04:24:30PM EST, sandie wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> My Nvidia 7950x2 died friday :-(
>>> I have always used Nvidia, but since Ati now have gone open with the 
>>> specs to their cards, I wanted to support their great initiative and 
>>> that instalation would be fairly simple. so I bought a ATI 4830 and to 
>>> my big supprise... Argh !
>>> Is there really no support for Radeon 4830 in the realtime-kernel ???
>> What version of Ubuntu are you using? If its intrepid, when using the generic kernel, are you using the proprietary ATI drivers?
>> If yes to both questions, then I believe there maybe something wrong with the installation/setup of the ATI drivers and the realtime kernel. Without having any new ATI hardware to test with here myself, I can't be sure of whats going on. All I can suggest is to attempt to re-install fglrx-kernel-source, as well as installing the linux-headers-rt package, which should allow the kernel module for the ATI drivers to be built.
>> Hope this helps
>> Luke
> Thanks for your answer
> I have tried both opensource and propriotary drivers in Ipex and Hardy 
> and both works fine with the generic kernel, but when i try in realtime 
> i have not been so lucky.
> I can't get any installer to work, tried the opensource solution listed 
> here : and the 
> propriotary installer from ATI. the "system-> administration->hardware 
> drivers" doesn't even see the card.
The project's home page is here:

You may need to download build this yourself.
Of particular interest is this section:

This driver is very much a moving target.  It looks promising but I am
holding off.  Right now the only video device that I will buy is an
Intel.  It may not have anywhere near the performance of the ATI and
Nvidia offerings, but it has a proper upstream driver, which for me is
far more important.  I do not have any of the supported hardware so I
cannot be of more use.

> Right now I'm using Ubuntustudio 8.04, but later today I plan to split 
> my HD and install a Ubuntu 8.10 (generic) on the first half and 
> Ubuntustudio 8.04 (rt) on the other half.
> Luckly I also got a new motherboard/cpu/ram, so instalation of 
> Ubuntustudio only takes about 15 minutes :-)

I had heard that Intrepid had a version of radeonhd shipping with it.  I
do not know which version they shipped or how well it works.  Given the
pace of development, i would guess that the Intrepid driver is already

For the record, there are two 3d drivers for ATI hardware. There is the
classic binary blob called fglrx.  This is the propritary driver and it
supports older ATI hardware as well.  The newer radeonhd driver only
supports the latest ATI devices but it is open source, much like the
Intel driver.  Check the radeonhd site for more info.

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