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On Feb 2, 2009, at 12:30 AM, laurent.bellegarde wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm writting a book about audio-video editing with free software...
> I need too examples of sound card that runs without any trouble or  
> very
> easily under GNU/Linux,
> for beginners (and cheaper) :
> for medium use, semi-pro :
> for professionnal use :

Haha - good luck with that.  Seriously, though, if you actually find  
examples that are currently available (i.e. I can order one from  
Sweetwater/Musiciansfriend/etc.) and supported by their  
manufacturers, please post your results.  I would be very interested  
to know this myself.  One of the main sticking points I've run into  
as I consider switching my DAW to Linux is the lack of support for  
audio/MIDI interfaces.  Linux developers seem to be doing their best  
to write drivers, but many manufacturers either ignore Linux, or are  
downright hostile to it (and its users).  I got lectured on the  
Mackie Forums when I asked into a Linux driver for my Mackie 400F FW  
audio interface.  "Who cares about Linux?", "Linux sucks, and Linux  
users/developers suck more", "I don't even use a Mac, let alone Linux  
- people only care about Windows", were the attitudes I ran into  
there.  I think the company's official position re: Linux is probably  
a little more diplomatic, but that is the kind of response I got from  
one guy in particular who I had thought was a Mackie rep.

To get started, assuming you haven't already seen these, you can look  

and here:

Bon chance!

> Thanks a lot for yours answers,
> Laurent
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