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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sun Feb 1 18:26:20 GMT 2009

{ brad brace } wrote:
> when ubuntu studio is installed on a (system76 pangolin)
> ubuntu system (8.10), does it replace the existing
> applications?
Some of them.  Studio also installs its own kernel.

> does it make any sense to partion the drive as
> ubuntu and ubuntu studio? does it make any sense to pay for
> ubuntu installation and support only to blow it all off by
> installing studio?

The answer probably depends on the support contract from system76.  I
would ask system76.
> does a faster, smaller 7200rpm vs a larger, slower 5400rpm
> drive make a significant difference for studio work?
For light audio work I don't think so.  For me I do use a 7200 RPM drive
in my laptop. I do use VMWare workstation for work and my computer usage
tends to stress IO, so for me it was entirely worth it.

This answer probably depends on what exactly you are going to be doing
with this system.

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