Formatted wrong drive: recovery possible?

Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Sat Dec 26 20:41:24 GMT 2009

On 26/12/09 14:31, Paul DeShaw wrote:
> Greetings,
> While attempting to make a bootable USB drive, I accidently formatted 
> the hard drive with all my recorded work on it.  Is it lost forever?  
> Are there people who can recover data in such a case?
I would start by running testdisk on that drive to see if it sees any 

There are quite a few forensic tools and data recovery tools available 
for linux, but you do have to be careful how you proceed.

It should just be a case of letting testdisk find the partition and then 
using it to rebuild the table and voila! you have your files back again.

Perhaps someone else out there knows of a better method though.

In any case, if you can, to a 'dd' to a spare drive if you have one, so 
a mistake won't be critical.

Good luck

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