LV2 packages for Karmic (Teza requested)

Kenneth Koym koymkg at
Fri Dec 25 20:13:07 GMT 2009

Scott, Teza / Anyone:
being a noobie to Ubu Stu 9.10 Karmic, in fact to producing basic results,
I'm missing where you're going. Not that I need this; for one like me, is
there a good way you'd recommend how I could get past go?

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Scott Lavender <slavender at
> wrote:

> Several lv2 packages are available for Karmic in my PPA now, including
> zynjacku and lv2rack.
> To add my PPA as a repository-
> Quick method:
> ppa:slavender/karmic
> More laborious:
> deb karmic main
> deb-src karmic main
> and signing key
> 1024R/0020F80E
> They appear to work as I started each application and inserted various
> effects but did not run any sound through them.  I would be very
> interested to hear any reports of success or failure using these.
> Also it should be noted that these do not include desktop icons or menu
> entries at this point.  To be honest, I don't know how to add them yet
> when building the application.  I have run them from the terminal.
> Regards,
> Scott
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