LV2 packages for Karmic (Teza requested)

Scott Lavender slavender at
Fri Dec 25 16:26:59 GMT 2009

Several lv2 packages are available for Karmic in my PPA now, including
zynjacku and lv2rack.

To add my PPA as a repository-

Quick method:

More laborious:
deb karmic main 
deb-src karmic main 

and signing key

They appear to work as I started each application and inserted various
effects but did not run any sound through them.  I would be very
interested to hear any reports of success or failure using these.

Also it should be noted that these do not include desktop icons or menu
entries at this point.  To be honest, I don't know how to add them yet
when building the application.  I have run them from the terminal.


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