Dssi-Vst and Ubuntu Studio

Gerhard Lang lang.gerhard at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 22:58:53 GMT 2009

teza schrieb:
> Hi all, I was wondering about the fact that we can find somme free vst
> plugins on the web, why the UbuntuStudio tean does not include dssi-vst
> package in the Os as a standard.
> Regards
> Teza
My first attempts compiling dssi-vsti had not been really successful. 
The vst integration into lmms had only very basal functions and no 
working user interfaces. So I gave up and up to now I run the vst-hosts 
as well as my commercial korg and a lot of free plugins in wine. I 
connect and combine them over wineasio in jack with genuine linux 
applications i.e. ardour, hydrogen, linuxsampler, rackarrack, zynadd.... 
My favorite "vsti-hosts" are reaper - I abuse it just for this - and a 
windows freeware named vsthost by herman seib 
http://www.hermannseib.com/vsthost.htm Those settings run tolerably even 
for live performance, but maybe I should give dssi-vst a try again. Does 
dssi-vst give you full access to vsti's midi controls, menues, presets 
and guis? Is dssi-vst ready for this? Has Steinberg made it's Asio stuff 
opensource? Or is there a way to run these dlls without using 
proprietary code?

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