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> """""Speaking of Windows programs, there's a feature I use in WaveLab that
> I haven't been able to find in any FOSS software. That program has something
> called a "master section," which is basically just a bunch of slots for
> plugins. They all effect the sound in real-time, and when you've tweaked
> them to your liking, you hit a button called "Render" and it processes the
> active wave files in non-real-time.
> I know about stuff like JackRack, but AFAIK you can't render to a wave file
> except in real time. Also, using Audacity, you can only render one effect at
> a time, and you can't listen to it in real time (e.g. to edit the file with
> the effects on). Anyone know of a tool that does this? It makes mastering a
> lot easier."""""""
> You could use Ardour for this. or for real master job use JAMin
Check out this guide at the 64 Studio site:

That will show you how to use JACK to connect Ardour and JAMin in a manner
that sounds like what you want to do.  It lets you both effect the sound in
real-time and export a file mix into .wav format in non-real time.

-Brian David
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