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Tue Dec 8 20:10:11 GMT 2009

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Ricardo Lameiro schrieb:
> """""Speaking of Windows programs, there's a feature I use in WaveLab that I
> haven't been able to find in any FOSS software. That program has something
> called a "master section," which is basically just a bunch of slots for
> plugins. They all effect the sound in real-time, and when you've tweaked
> them to your liking, you hit a button called "Render" and it processes the
> active wave files in non-real-time.

Aww Yeah?! ;-)
And can it render a 60-track-mix with individual plugins and all
Parameters in the plugins and in the mixer automized to have that wired
flanger on the voice on two words only and with a sweep thru the
delay-parameter at 2:32 and let the bass-drum become louder at the end
of the song and the guitar-solo wildly moving in the panorama and all
this rendered offline with dithering and exactly to the file-format you
need for a CD and then with the same mix another file for a

You really should check-out Ardour. It can do all this and more and
despite the myths that are stalking the net it offers a friendly,
intuitive GUI to do all this as easy as possible for such a complicated

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