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I put up a new youtube video showing me messing around with jack..

This is the process of getting this to work:

1. run "QT Jack Control" (icon looks like a phono plug).

2. start hack from the Jack Control.

3. Go into a terminal window and type

        fluidsynth -o synth.polyphony=1024   \
          -R0 -C0 -a jack -j -m alsa_seq

    This will start fluidsynth the Wavetable Synth emulator.

4. Start Rosegarden.

5. Start Patchage.

6. Disconnect all the lines from rosegarden with a right-click "disconnect

7. Green = Midi, Blue = audio. Left sides of boxes are inputs, right sides
are outputs.
    "System Capture" are your mics, "System Playback" is your speakers.
    Connect General Midi on rosegarden to Green Input for Fluidsynth.

8. Connect Fluid Synth's Audio outputs (a separate box in blue) to the

9. Connect your MIDI output to the input of the Rosegarden's "record in".

10. Load a midi file (with import).. And Select one of the instruments, and
twiddle keys on your keyboard (midi channel 1).  You should be hearing that
instrument playing. If not, you can try connecting your midi to the
fluidsynth input directly..
Note, you can connect multiple audio lines to one input, same with midi,
will mix the inputs, so you can use this to layer stuff..

11. Play the midi file, make sure all the instruments are set to "general
midi" device.
     And rosegarden's general midi (green) is connected to fluid synth
     And Fluidsynth (blue) is connected  system playback (blue).

12. I added JackRack, loaded a "reverb (under simulator)" and "chorus (under
timing)", and an amplifier.. Arranged it so the amplifier was on top, chorus
next, and reverb after that.

13. Reconnect fluidsynth (blue) to jackrack "in" (blue), connect jackrack
"out" to
       system playback (blue). When there are two blue ports named the same
       that is stereo channels, so if you want you can treat them as
separate mono


1. If you so want to freeze this configuration, it's a bit of a task, I wish
patchage could do this, but you have to do it in the patch bay of the jack
control. Create inputs and outputs for each chanel of midi and audio you
need.. Drag and drop the connections from one to the other, where you have
things connected in patchage.

2. Screen capture everything in patchage, so you remember what connects to
what (printscreen key).  Turn off "activate" in the patchbay  and disconnect
all the wires in patchage.

3. Now, turn on "activate" in patchbay, look at patchage, all the components
in your screen captures that are connected should be connected in patchage.
If any inputs or outputs are missing, this means there was likely an Xrun,
and some of the devices dropped. You may have to restart Jack and start up
all the devices again, but save your patch configuration in "patchbay".

4. If you should ever lose devices, you can restart and load up the patch
configuration, activate, and then turn off activate so you can make any
changes to the patch configuration in patchage.

5. You'll have to save out configurations on each device, so as to preserve
their configurations. So you can save out jackrack setups, you can save
Rosegarden projects. If you use ardour to record, you can save it's
projects. If you use ZynAddSubFx you can save it's patches, and
configuration (good luck getting them to load without ZynAddSubFx dumping).

The alternative to all of this is to use LMMS, which integrates some of
these features together into on package. But the Jack stuff will permit you
some added creativity. It will be heaven once it has stabilized (*praying*).

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Artur Gouvea <arturgouvea at>wrote:

> unfortunelly i need windows to use sibelius and finale, i still have
> not learned how to use midi apps on linux yet, but i have hope to use
> free apps only one day...
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