Questions I have about Ubuntu Studio

Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Fri Aug 21 02:31:46 BST 2009

A few:

1. In Patchage, sometimes when I'm routing stuff, it will pop up with a "T"
pointer and I can't click on anything,
what I've been doing to remedy this is to kill patachage from one of the
low-level shell screens, but there have
been times when it's prevented me from switching.. I've also noticed that
there is a version of patchage that
uses b-spline curves, the current Ubuntu Studio distribution (I install with
apt-get from Ubuntu 9.04, for reasons
I'll explain below).

2. I'd like to know of some tips for hunting down IRQ conflicts, things that
might cause Xruns..

3. Why does the Live-CD install of Ubuntu Studio not recognize my USB
keyboard, I have a
Dimension 9150. The regular Ubuntu installer does recognize my keyboard.
I've noticed a similar
problem with the Kubuntu installer. Xubuntu and Ubuntu don't have this
problem.. Also why isn't there
a 30 second count down that reverts to the live boot when the keyboard
doesn't work? Is there a live boot?

Also, where do I get my RT kernels from, Ubuntu Studio or Ubuntu
repositories? Is there a Ubuntu Studio
repository that I should be subscribing to?

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