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Hi Kiernan,

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 2:30 PM, Kiernan Holland <rofthorax at gmail.com>wrote:

>> Here's what is needed from the position:
>>    * Define a new design direction or update our current one.
>>    * Create a single theme, wallpaper and if you're really ballsy, an
>>      icon set. (i've been trying to get someone to head up a off-shoot
>>      of Breathe:
>>      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet/UbuntuStudio)
>>    * Know the technicals of how these work together and on the system.
>>    * Know how to use BZR.
>>    * Be able to troubleshoot issues with the art packages.
>>    * Ability to communicate in a clear and timely manner.
>>    * Find new contributors for things like the website.
> Why the hell does this need the involvement of source code?

First, May I ask you calm down a little, theres a spate of posts from you
and it seems you are getting a bit frustrated.

> This is like helping the wizards who are unaware of what it was like to be
> an apprentice. Most musicians don't know anything about computers, I dare
> you to find some who do. Most artists don't know anything about computers..
> I dare you to find some who do. Same with video professionals.. While they
> still may know something about electrical engineering and designing a NTSC
> black generator from the ground up, you are not going to find a common
> ground in the code, or with puting requirements on people, to write source
> code. This is totally unacceptable, and this project and others will die
> with this approach. This is why Linux sucks and Ubuntu needs to be
> different..

The position being advertised is for an art lead on a _development_ project.
This is not just a call for artwork etc, we have done that in the past and
there is a place for submission on the wiki. We are looking for someone to
coordinate and define the direction of the art, as well as make sure it is
implemented in ubuntu studio. So while I appreciate that for users this
stuff is not really suitable, for a member of a development team it is.

> What is the UBUNTU motto?  Linux for human beings.
Yep exactly. but it still takes people with knowledge to make it that way.

> Consider the zip idea I mentioned

GTK themes are already done with archive files (.tar.gz). However this is
more than just a theme, it is making sure that everything withing the theme
works, the look and feel of the desktop, and much more, as mentioned in the
above emails. Once again this is not just about users submitting themes, it
is about an Art lead position in a development team.

Also, bzr is not actually that hard to use, it takes less than an hour to
learn competently (and I am not a coder before you jump on that). If you
would just like to peruse the code, you can look at the files section, as
linked from the pages corey gave:

> For anything that needs code, we could get packages that add special
> widgets and such.. Theming is really just data.. So why isn't it as simple
> as that.. Don't give me a lazy coder excuse.

Please, I implore you to check out the actual situation before you make
allegations that we are "lazy coders".

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