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Kiernan Holland rofthorax at
Tue Aug 11 01:12:53 BST 2009

I second that.. I didn't think jack was going to be all that profound, and
once I started using it, I realized all sorts of things I could do. If you
get Jack working, is the question.. I'm now trying to get it to work on my
Pentium-D and am getting a lot of Xrun errors.. But it works perfectly fine
on my laptop. If you search youtube for "pure synth heaven", you will find
my set of videos I made demonstrating Jack, on my laptop. I'm buying a PC
kit to build a 3.73Ghz Pentium-EE with the sole intent of using it with Jack
now that I know it doesn't do so well with multi-core systems. BTW Tiger
Direct is selling those EE chips for 100 dollars and you can get a XFX
nForce 750i refurbished for 90 dollars.. Normally I just buy machines, but
I'm really driven to learn to build my own with this project, and Jack is
the major reason I want to.

> It's really, really important that you understand Jack, so I suggest start
> from visiting their home page:
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