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Thu Apr 30 18:57:40 BST 2009

On Apr 29, 2009 6:21am, David Stocker <dstocker at> wrote:
> Although more complicated than Add/Remove or Synaptic, another option is

> to download the *.deb package from the

>> website and then

> install it using dpkg. I've used this method with Ubuntu Studio and

> OpenOffice integrates seamlessly (themes, etc. render correctly, spell

> checking works). Plus, you can get the latest stable build of OpenOffice

> without having to upgrade Ubuntu or mess with the sources list (3.1, due

> out very soon, has a few nifty improvements, and 3.2, due out later this

> year [?] is supposed to include the much awaited support of Open-type

> fonts).

> Email me if you get stuck.

> David

> dstocker at

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually did start using Abiword when I discovered that OpenOffice worked  
funny under Ubuntu Studio, and I definitely don't mind using it. I just  
figured if I could get Open Office installed well, then I'd go for that,  
because I'm just a lot more familiar with the program.

I also checked out the .deb from the Open Office website, and I couldn't  
find an all-in-one package for the whole program. Instead, all I discovered  
was .debs for all the various parts of Open Office. This is fine, it just  
looked like it would be a lot more work than I expected, so I have yet to  
give that a try.

All of this is kind of moot, though, since I downgraded my production  
machine back to regular Hardy, side-graded to Ubuntu Studio (I never could  
get Ubuntu Studio to install off a disc onto my laptop). Open Office works  
fine on that. There were just too many issues with the Jaunty RT on my  
laptop, and I need to get some audio work done this week, so I went back to  
what works for me. :) I'll give a more detailed write-up of the issues I  
ran into on my laptop later, if that will help the dev team do some  

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