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David Stocker dstocker at
Wed Apr 29 12:21:11 BST 2009

Although more complicated than Add/Remove or Synaptic, another option is 
to download the *.deb package from the 
<> website and then 
install it using dpkg. I've used this method with Ubuntu Studio and 
OpenOffice integrates seamlessly (themes, etc. render correctly, spell 
checking works). Plus, you can get the latest stable build of OpenOffice 
without having to upgrade Ubuntu or mess with the sources list (3.1, due 
out very soon, has a few nifty improvements, and 3.2, due out later this 
year [?] is supposed to include the much awaited support of Open-type 

Email me if you get stuck.

dstocker at

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Well, I've tried to install Open Office on top of Ubuntu Studio before, but  
the GUI is all sorts of messed up. This is what led me to think it was some  
technical reason why it was left out.

I understand perfectly well that Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia suite, but I  
personally use Office suites quite a bit while working on design and audio  
stuff, so that's the reason I ask. I am also familiar with how to add  
software. Seriously, this was a simple question that did not demand nor  
require an odd (and rude) lecture about Ubuntu vs. Windows.

Anyway, I don't wish this to turn into another flame thread. Does anyone  
else have a suggestion as to how to get Open Office working smoothly under  
Ubuntu Studio, or if even such a thing is wise?

On Apr 29, 2009 12:18am, bart deruyter <bart.deruyter at> wrote:

> > I don't know why Open Office is not included, but Ubuntu Studio is a  
> > multimedia-production distro, and is doing a great job at growing to it.

> > Open Office is an office application. It is available through: main menu  
> > - install/remove software - enter open office in search box. It is ± 2  
> > minutes of work to get it installed, and it really doesn't bother me now  
> > it isn't included on the base install. The installation of new software  
> > is the same as for Ubuntu and it is in my opinion the easiest way I have  
> > ever seen. Praise yourself happy you're not running windows. There you  
> > have to download and double click on 'setup.exe'. In Ubuntu you have it  
> > available through the built in software manager. If you find an easier  
> > way, feel free to share it with the dev's of Ubuntu.

> >

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