Dropping ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora, and kino from UbuntuStudio video task.

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Tue Apr 21 10:23:45 BST 2009

Luke Yelavich a écrit :
> Hi all
> As a last minute fix, I've been asked to remove any packages from the UbuntuStudio disks that depends, or recommends ffmpeg/libavcodec52. This means that kino, ffmpeg, and ffmpeg2theora have to be removed from the disks.
> Unfortunately this only leaves 2 packages in the video task, stopmotion, and dvgram. The video task won't be removed, as its too much work, and too risky at this late stage of the release cycle, so for karmic, we will need to consider the future of the video task very carefully, having to look closely at any new app we would like to include, making sure it does not pull in libavcodec52.
> The reason libavcodec52 is not allowed on the disks is discussed in technical board resolution 2007-01-02. Unfortunately this is out of my hands, if you wish to discuss this further, please take it up with the technical board.
> Luke
Hi Luke,

I'm okay to remove theses excellents software from the disk. So to allow 
simple user have a complete and powerfull video editing distro, we have 
to create a good ubuntu studio controls to help a simple user, 
completing his install via Internet by pushing a button to add video tools.

ffmpeg and ffmpeg2theora are essentials package to make video. so if 
they can't be on the disk face to licence trouble, we have to plan to 
help their install. On our repository, there is cinelerra in the same 
trouble face to ubuntu/studio install disk.

What do you thing of that ?


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