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I totally agree with Alex on every point that he commented about this issue,
I couldn't put it more beautifully and sharply, to the point.
In a sentence: Ubuntu Studio should be an audio-jack based distro. Delete
all else.

As for:
> Also, it's been lacking in what anyone is willing to actually *do* for
> this future but it's still early. :)

I can maybe give you some advice here. I am doing this with my best

It's all about management.

[story 1] I work as a music teacher in a primary school. Recently, for the
first time in my life, I was solely responsible for our Easter School Play.

I wanted to involve the children in preparing it, the staff and the parents.

I created a website, sending emails with possible, generic 'to do' tasks. A
few parents and teachers responded. But it was not enough, I needed more
people, more skills for the various tasks that needed to be done (what a
complex job is preparing a school play - I never knew!).

Anyway, the time was passing, I was frustrated with the reaction of the
staff and people and wanted to give up, but I couldn't.

Then one day, I just simply made a list of the specific jobs, thought about
them and went to every teacher in person.

"You need to do this (job1), if you can't then please do this (job2), etc."

and everybody did their part beautifully, the play was a great success,

[moral] Point is, I see on these lists that people want to help. Genuinely.
But they need specific tasks and a deadline. This is how we operate.

[story 2] Linux Journal started an action, something like: "Experts answer
your questions". I volunteered as an 'audio-expert', I thought I could give
an advice to a novice...

Once a month, they would send a question from a reader with a deadline for
the answers. I loved the concept: specific and a deadline. It worked.

[moral]  We, users of Ubuntu, all know something at a different level. and I
can see that most of us love this Distro and are willing to help.

Give us specific tasks. With a deadline.

Make the titles on the 'Tasks' emails/posts recognizable: not everybody
follows all the threads, so titles are important.

I know it's a hard job to organize, but someone needs to lead, really.

my 2p.

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