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Wed Apr 8 12:15:22 BST 2009

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Since discovering that the nvidia drivers do a horrible job of managing the
on board laptop screen and a VGA outboard monitor I've been testing with
only the laptop screen.

I've been slowly removing things that suck up resources. For instance I was
getting an xrun or ffado/jack crash each time the network did an update
(not a dhcp lease update, I use static IP, but apparently the net drivers
do some check periodically). So, I unloaded the net during recording.

At this point, virtually every test, records for approximately 10 minutes
gets an xrun or crash. If it gets just a xrun, it will then continue to
record xrun free for as long as I run the test, so far up to an 1.5 hours.

The xrun is coincident with activities that show up in the system logs.

Software involved is Ubuntu 8.04, Ardour/jack/ffado.
hardware: Dell dual core latop, dual Audiofire12's

Any experience or ideas about what I might adjust to address this would be


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