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Thu Sep 18 09:19:01 BST 2008


I was trying to use Linux for video editing and got quite mixed
results. Actually only mencoder was
able to do anything for my HD video, and doing everything on command
line was quite painful, although possible (and it
is not that simple, you need to get some frauenhofer codecs first and
convert with those before you can use even the mencoder,
it is a 20 step command line process that only few dare to do).

Windows is no better, there is no software that would come for free
that would allow one to edit high definition videos,
and not all the commercial software even support AVCHD format. And on
the other hand, not an option for me, because
I don't use Windows.

The author of one open source video editing software  said me when I
asked if he is going to support HD in the future:
"Buy a Mac". So I did and have been since editing my 1080p videos on
Mac with iMovie08.
Unfortunately it seems like the video editing scene on Linux seems
even more incomplete than the music side
and there would be room for a good open source project on that area if
someone is wondering what open source
project to start. There is increasingly demand for that but no choices
at the OSS world other than command line.
Even basic functionality that the iMovie08 offers, would be excellent.
Someone just needs to pick up the idea
and start coding, I think nothing prevents creating a similar program
than the iMovie08 or even better open source software
with AVCHD and HDV support which would run under Ubuntu Studio and
other Linux distributions.

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> There is "KINO".

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