Problems with Video Drivers

Brian Blater brb.lists at
Wed Sep 17 19:21:12 BST 2008

I have an older machine that has been running Ubuntu Studio 7.10 for
awhile. For the last couple of days I've been trying to install US
8.04 on this box (clean install.) For the most part the install went
fine, but I'm only getting 800x600 resolution from my card - Geforce2
MX400 using the default driver. I installed the proprietary nvidia
drivers using the driver manager that pops-up and tells that their are
proprietary drivers available and then I end up with only 640x480
after the reboot. Can't seem to get any better. I did some google
searching and it seams others have had the same problems. No real fix
for it from what I can tell. Several were able to get it working after
installing EnvyNG several times, others modified the xorg.conf. I
tried the EnvyNG route and it uninstalls the proprietary drivers and
installs the drivers. Then I either get 640x480 or X won't even start.

I thought maybe this was a problem specific to the MX400 so I tried
installing using a Geforce FX5200 and I'm getting the same problem. I
have to admit this is very frustrating as I've always been able to
just install and it works. But this time for the life of me I just
can't get it work on this machine. I messed with this for the last
couple of days and I've gone no where. I can't believe that US 8.04
won't work on this hardware.

I've noticed several times that the machine will stop on Timidity and
just hang when I try to reboot. Not sure if that has anything to do
with it or not.

Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. I would really like to
get this machine back up and running.


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