Ubuntu Studio 8.10, -rt and 2.6.27

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 14 13:51:08 BST 2008

Chris Wenn wrote:
> Without wanting to go back on the discussions that have already
> happened, staying on Hardy is not a good option for me - as I've been
> through over a period of months here, and on the forums, and on
> launchpad, my firewire host card does not work with the Hardy kernel.
> The issue is fixed as of .26, so in order to avoid several hundred
> dollars worth of hardware sitting idle in my studio I need a -rt that
> works on Intrepid. It's an expensive prospect for me, seeing as the
> A$500 I spent on my Focusrite is almost as much as I earn in a fortnight.
> Just my $0.05.

As of now, the situation is totally up in the air, and somewhat out of
our hands. We're trying to get -rt merged into .27 but things are nuts
in Ubuntu land as far as the kernel goes.

We don't even know yet what will happen.

Best case scenario, we ship a .27-rt kernel in line with main Ubuntu or
we ship -generic with a SRU to -rt later after release.

That's all I know atm. You guys know what I do.

-Cory K.

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