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Maca Cassar raszobbi at
Sat Sep 13 23:37:58 BST 2008

I'm not completely sure exactly what you did...
> Normally, though, it is best to let it find the OS's and install GRUB where
> it wants to (MBR).
> At any rate, GRUB needs to be installed on the first primary boot disk.
> Otherwise it won't boot. Somewhere in BIOS you should be able to change boot
> order, or just install it on the first disk's MBR.
> Hope this helps.
> yes, it confirms where i was not clear on. thanks.
> sorry, what i meant to say is that i was not so clear on where MBR is
exactly and what role the first disk plays. recently i found out that
windows still wanted to install its boot loader on my first disk, even when
i was installing on another disk, which was even set as first boot device in
bios; *for nothing* in my opinion. ...and grub seems similar, apparently.

my confusion i think was in understanding between MBR and what i think to be
the boot sectors of each disk.
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