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Christopher Stamper wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 3:57 PM, raszobbi <raszobbi at 
> <mailto:raszobbi at>> wrote:
>     previously when it used to fail, most of the time i think i was trying
>     to  install it on the same disk as the os, since i have 3 disks, 3
>     OSes,
>     but use their own bootloader and just change the boot device from bios
>     or menu if i need to change, since i stick to one os in long
>     phases and
>     don't need to change so often. also makes it easier to make changes to
>     one disk without messing up other boot loaders.
>     this time i just let it go on its own, and it found windows loader on
>     first disk, and it added it to grub
>      menu. i have first IDE drive as boot in bios and dual boot in
>     grub now.
>     I can live with this.
>     thanks for your reply. if not wasting your time, could you confirm
>     this
>     is the case ? for futher ref..
> I'm not completely sure exactly what you did...
> Normally, though, it is best to let it find the OS's and install GRUB 
> where it wants to (MBR).
> At any rate, GRUB needs to be installed on the first primary boot 
> disk. Otherwise it won't boot. Somewhere in BIOS you should be able to 
> change boot order, or just install it on the first disk's MBR.
> Hope this helps.
yes, it confirms where i was not clear on. thanks.

p.s. this is a very nice os. i love how fast and responsive it is, even 
as a desktop/office stuff. plus all 64bit.
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