connecting ubuntu studio with other machines

mbutubuntu mbutubuntu at
Fri Sep 12 20:23:31 BST 2008

Hello folks!!!
Hello Rodrigo...
I think the solution is using an ethernet cable... by USB or firewire 
it's impossible to do what you need...
You have so two options:

1) using an audio cable... the only problem is that you'll have a little 
audio loss caused by the digital TO analog TO digital conversion and 
you'll be able to "send" a number of channels limited by the analog 
outputs of your laptop (I think only 2).

2) the second option, the better but the most difficult, is using 
PureData and it's netsend~ netreceive~ objects. You'll be able to send 
up to 32 channels on a 100Mbit LAN. PureData must run on the both linux 
and windows machines and jack will see the PureData channels.

Fabio [mbutUbuntu] Buda

Dirk Detering wrote:
>     > 2) ideally, the solution would be to use the audigy card (linux
>     box) as
>     > a direct output for Ableton (winxp laptop). I was thinking that a
>     > firewire cable connecting both machines and some installation of
>     drivers
>     > would do the job but it doesn't. Would a USB cable or any type of
>     > connection do it or am I asking apples to an oak tree?
>     >
>     More like Apples from a Tiger Shark.  If JACK and netjack worked under
>     Windows, then this could be an option.  I am not aware of any solution
>     that utilizes USB or firewire and is cross platform.
> Interesting topic.
> Thinking of why it does not work currently:
> If you use an external sound card connected via USB, the computer
> sends and receives digital data through the device driver.
> As a windows machine as well as a Linux machine is able to
> work with the same external machine, it seems to be
> imaginable that the Jack I/O works against a USB connected sound
> card driver and the windows I/O too.
> So what's the problem?
> The problem is that each of the two computers waits to dectect the
> "connected device" to setup the right driver. 
> So no one of the both computers stands up and says:
> "Here I am, your Sound Service Providing Device".
> It is like a girl and a boy each sitting on their telephone and waiting
> for the call   ;-) .

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