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Rodrigo Carrasco wrote:
>  Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify a bit. What I want, is to use the
> linux box to receive audio from other computers in order to manipulate
> it in realtime. Basically like you said, to display Ableton as an input
> in the Jack list. I'm thinking in two ways to do that:
> 1) to output from windows through an audio cable (red & white) to the
> linux box with the audigy card. I'm guessing that would require just
> some actions in the Jack audio connection kit, though I didn't manage
> yet how to do that. The thing with this solution is that the use of the
> cable puts an analog step in the transferring of the sound, right? Does
> it mean audio loss of some kind?

Digital to audio to digital, yes there will be loss.  Unless you have
some sort of digital out on the windows machine and some sort of digital
input on the Linux machine.  If real-time is important, than this is the
option you want.  Alternatively you could output a .wav or .flac to
import into your Linux workstation.

I use qjackctl to start jack and set up all the routing.

> 2) ideally, the solution would be to use the audigy card (linux box) as
> a direct output for Ableton (winxp laptop). I was thinking that a
> firewire cable connecting both machines and some installation of drivers
> would do the job but it doesn't. Would a USB cable or any type of
> connection do it or am I asking apples to an oak tree?
More like Apples from a Tiger Shark.  If JACK and netjack worked under
Windows, then this could be an option.  I am not aware of any solution
that utilizes USB or firewire and is cross platform.

Best of luck.
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