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Thu Sep 4 20:37:11 BST 2008

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Rodrigo Carrasco wrote:
>  Hi people, I recently shifted my desktop PC to Ubuntu Studio and I'm
> already loving it, impressed that all the applications worked out of the
> box with the audigy 2 platinum sound card and then of course, impressed
> with JACK, the titan. What I want to do is use that machine as an audio
> server to control and master the final output of the sound. For instance
> I would like to plug my laptop thinkpad (with windows xp and ableton) to
> the desktop machine running Ubuntu Studio for using some apps and the
> sound card also. I connected both through a firewire cable, but somehow
> machines are not seeing each other. Probably I need to install something
> or open some ports, but I'm a bit clueless.
> If someone could please give me a hand! :)
I am not sure what it is you want to do.  Are you trying to network the
two computers together with firewire?  Even then what do you hope to
accomplish?  Are you trying to share files (ie. PCM .wav or some such)?
 Are trying to do the final mixing etc. on the linux box?  Are you
trying to have Ableton show up in your Jack list of inputs/outputs?

You can output PCM (.wav) files from your Windows machine to the
Desktop, but I am not aware of a netjack for windows that allows your
laptop with Windows to participate directly with Jack on your Ubuntu
Studio Desktop.  I know that this is possible if your laptop was also
running Linux (  Of course I routinely
import wav and flac files from people with Windows or Mac based DAWs.

Perhaps restating the question with your ideal outcome will help us to
understand what you are trying to do, and hopefully be able to help you
to accomplish it.

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