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Eva Vossmerbäumer schrieb:
> *Hello everyone!

Hello Eva,

> I am Eva, new here, a violinist wanting to use those wonderful Ubuntu tools
> to be able to tinker with the music recordings I have just made with a
> guitarrist.

If you want to record the music you play with other musicians, you
should absolutely get into JACK and Ardour. JACK is a big, strong beast
but thanks the efforts of projects like Ubuntustudio it is easy to
master nowadays.

If you ave installed the Ubuntustudio packages you have done the biggest
part of the work already. Get qjackctl running: this allows to configure
and start JACK, the audio demon all modern music-apps in Linux use to
deliver sound to each other and to the soundcard.

For the recording I recommend Ardour - it has the best
Wave-arranging/mixing/editing capabilities you will find in Linux today.
If you want to compose MIDI-Music, Rosegarden is a great Sequencer and a
notation-tool also. RG can be synchronized with Ardour via JACK.

> I need to first of all cut a large wave file into separate pieces....

If you have recorded with Ardour this is a piece of cake. Still you can
use Audacity also for this.

> (As you might notice, I am pioneering the use of creative media software -
> but maybe one of you has a helpful push for me?!)
> So I downloaded the program * Rosengarten *...
> .wave does not seem to be supported in there.

They are but not very well and with much lesser options/comfort as you
will find in Ardour. The Wave-support in RG is OK if you compose a Song
with MIDI-instruments and want to add some simple vocals or a Guitar.

good luck ;-)


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